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“Upset, that I found someone who loved me for who I am”

Forget Me Not is centred around the recuperating friendship between a reckless adult, an artist, and a closeted homosexual. The film is set in the Kingston area and focuses on the different approaches to sexuality and how they influence and effect the psyche of the individual.

Ryan is begrudgingly kicked out of his friend’s apartment and is forced to reach out to Jenna, a housemate from university who he left under turbulent circumstances. Jenna is a small-time photographer with wealthy but absent parents who have left her a small fortune so she can independently pursue her career. She allows Ryan to stay at hers and in doing so is reunited with George, Jenna’s agent. The trio met at university, but Jenna is unaware of their secret homosexual relationship, and George still has not found the courage to tell her about his sexuality.

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